Touchable solutions for the food industry

Safety at work is a primary key to all areas,however,the range of risks are considerably changable. Hand protection has a particular importance in the industry as severe injuries have a higher risk here than anywhere else e.g. in an office. The focus is on the personal protection but quality insurance,safety of production and the finished products have also a high importance From this point of view one of the most accentuated sectors is the food industry where the quality insurance must be put in „safe hands”.

The safety gloves must be chosen to the appropriate work according to the harms they may cause There are certainly other expectations from safety gloves in the food industdry as workers must wear them until the end of the work and the safety gloves cannot prevent them in their main duties Beside safety comfort is also a priority.

Let us put safety first as comfort is relative and differs individually Safety gloves can have a non-slip coating for better grip or to prevent them from liquids or chemical hazards. Extreme impacts may also occure at special works.One of these impacts are the cuts,pricks and thermical risks Modern developments allow us to use modern raw materials such as Dyneema,Dyneema-inox,Elasthan,Kevlar,Twaron,Thunderon,Nomex and glass fiber to minimalize risks while provide comfort to users. One of the conditions of safe dexterity is to choose the right and professional safety gloves

Regarding comfort safety gloves used in food industry can be water-repellent as wet gloves deteriorate comfort These models protect the users against chemical hazards and meet the sanitary regulations On top of all these we have to mention the ergonomic finish of the gloves both in and outside thus offering a maximum comfort.

In case you are looking for certified safety gloves or arm protectors with cut-proof or anti abrasion features meeting all the expectation in food industry please take a look at our wide range of gloves.We will be happy to receive your inquiries on one of our accessibilities