About us

Glovita Gloves Co.,Ltd is one of the largest gloves manufacturer in Europe We produce our high quality gloves on more than 300 most uptodate new generation Japanese SHIMA SEIKI knitting machines according to ISO 9001 Quality Certified System.

The factory was established in 1929 by the Austrian Heller and Askonas They started with stocking production and later their range was enlarged with the production of gloves on half automated machines. The production of fashion and safety gloves started in 1970 on automatic Japanese machines. Because of the Far Eastern competition and the changing in customers habits the wearing of knitted fashion gloves was played down so Glovita finished producing them and started focusing on the production of safety work gloves with all its knowledge and experience.

The factory’s capacity is more than 6 million pars of knitted safety gloves Among the used materials you can find cotton,polyamide,polyester,heat proof Nomex,heat and cut proof Kevlar and different technical yarns with special features. Beside knitted safety gloves we also sell dipped safety gloves. The versatile raw materials allow us to satisfy the special demands of our clients.

Our gloves are highly recommended in precision instrument production,in material handling,automobile and food industry,building trade,metallic works and heath care Thanks to the favourable geographical location our buyers can get our high quality gloves with a short delviry time 25% of our production is sold in Hungary and 75% on the European markets.

Our mission

In Europe 1,5 millions of hand injuries occure annually at work resulting in more than 3 wasted days,4,5 millions of wasted work days
Glovita can offer appropriate hand protection for all operations in order to help you to increase the efficiency at work

Our faith

In the hearth of Europe we apply high added value,environmental friendly knitting technologies in order to satisfy the needs of our clients

Automation on high level

Knitting area: automatic knitting machines
Shaping: cuff finishing machines
Dotting: coating machines provided with tagging facility

The Glovita story



Main profile: stocking production


Choice widening

Gloves production (on hand operated machines)




Győr Knitted Gloves Factory

Termination of stocking production


Installation of self-made motor operated knitting machines


Creation of the Celldömölk plant

Production of cut type mittens,judo and karate suits


Installation of the first electronic Shima Seiki knitting machines

Production of linings and jacquard knitted gloves


GLOVITA Gloves Co.,Ltd

Being the largest glove factory in Central-Europe in possession of an autonomous export-licence produces 10 million pairs of gloves annually


Company Ltd

GLOVITA Gloves Co.,Ltd


The Celldömök plants moves to Győr in order to work cost efficiently


Production specialised for safety work gloves only